Thank you Kristy for your dedication , direction and instruction in the art of dance at HVT Performing Arts. In selecting HVT Studio of Performing Arts, I anticipated high standards and the discipline of dance to be a priority. We made the right choice. Every session has been skillfully planned and conducted to maximize time. We could not have foreseen the opportunities for our young dancer that would come from being in an environment that exposes her to the broad spectrum of dancers, performances, and passion of dance that HVT offers. The 14 years of instruction have exceeded our expectations in terms of acquiring knowledge and skills in tap and ballet; to enable our dancer to realize her dream to dance professionally and internationally. Thank you for opening the door to this rich cultural experience.Belinda

First, I want to thank you for everything you have given me, from my first tap and ballet class to experience on stage performance through eisteddfods and concerts. I can’t thank you enough. You have been a second mother to me, helping me develop and grow as a dancer and person. You’ve taught me self-discipline, how to set goals for myself, and go after my dreams. I don’t think I would have known which direction to take without dance in my life. In addition, HVT Studio of Performing Arts (and you Kristy) have given me so many opportunities and memories. I really enjoyed attending every class and workshop. It gave me a whole new outlook on dance and allowed me to put dancing to the test…Now I have the chance to live my dream dancing professionally and internationally with new and exciting opportunities ,everyday not to mention meeting the most amazing people that dance has bought into my life. As I head off on my next dancing adventure these experiences with you will guide and support me wherever life takes me.Ebonie

We are so happy to finally find a dance school where the emphasis is on quality teaching with qualified professionals. My daughter has really enjoyed her lessons at HVT and her confidence has developed a lot with your classes. Thank you for always keeping us updated, it was great not having to chase up dates and times for events. We are sorry to have to leave you as we move interstate.Gillian

A big thank you from Steve and myself to Kristy and the teaching staff at HVT Studio of Performing Arts for the training Caitlin has received over the years. She has achieved so much already because of your professional tuition and advice.Stacey

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the effort involved in putting on such a wonderful show today. My mum, myself and I think even my husband were teary eyed watching our once too shy to even speak to most people daughter absolutely shine on stage today. Eloise has absolutely loved her first year of dancing, far more than I ever could have hoped for. She said today was the happiest day ever but she was also sad that dancing is finished for the year because she loves going “so so much”. Please thank her beautiful teachers Miss Emily & Miss Jess from her, for all their hard work and for their patience and encouragement.

We absolutely can’t wait for next year.Annika

A fantastic concert! Well done Kristy and all of the teachers.. Everyone danced beautifully and looked amazing.
Jemma started playing “concerts” as soon as we got home! We are so proud of her and her “most improved award” Thank you!Kirsty

I just wanted to start by saying that this is the fourth dance school we have tried in the area over the years and it is where we will be staying (even when we move 40 min further away). Your teachers are wonderful, the technical training and opportunities you provide are unmatched by any other dance school I’ve encountered, your communication is great and the general vibe of the HVT family is warm, welcoming and supportive. I suspect my girls will be HVT dancers into their adulthood 🙂Rochellle

Well done Kristy and teachers, I had no idea what to expect and have walked away with a huge smile. Awesome show, fantastic dancers.Lauren

This was our first year at HVT and what an amazing experience. The staff are all friendly, professional and have made us feel apart of the HVT family from day one. My son started Ready Set Dance at the beginning of the year and to watch his confidence grow and see him perform today was one of the proudest moments I have had and one I will always remember. The concert far exceeded by expectations. I was blown away by the talent and would like to personally thank each and everyone of you for a wonderful show. I would also like to thank the backstage helpers who made our children look fantastic and feel at ease particularly our little ones who were first time performers. Kristy and everyone at HVT should feel very proud of themselves tonight. Well done.Tracey