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Terms & Conditions

Fees are to be paid by 3 options. Term, monthly or weekly all via direct debit set up with Autopay. You will receive a log in for our portal and are asked to set up autopay so fees can be paid by direct debit. A registration fee of $45 is payable with your first terms tuition. Students must not participate in any classes at another dance studio establishment whilst enrolled at HVT.
Payment Type(Required)
  • All lessons enrolled in and missed must be paid for.
  • No refunds, discounts or credits will be given for any missed classes due to illness or holiday.
  • No refunds for change of mind.
  • Fees not paid within 2 weeks will result in termination of tuition.
  • A late fee of $15 will be charged for every 7 days that fees are overdue.
  • FA terms notice must be given in writing to cancel any lessons currently enrolled in. Lessons will then be forfeited.
  • Upon termination of tuition all music, routines, choreography and images (photographic & video) remain the property of HVT Studio of Performing Arts.
  • If there is a pro-longed injury or illness i.e. Duration of 3 weeks or more a credit is eligible after presenting a doctors certificate.

Injury/Medical Condition & Consent

  • It is the students/parents responsibility to inform their teacher of any injuries/medical conditions prior to class commencing.
  • In the event of a medical emergency, and where a parent or guardian cannot be notified, I authorise HVT Studio of Performing Arts to seek medial advice.
  • I acknowledge that with any physical activity there is a risk of personal injury involved. I understand that HVT staff members take the utmost care to provide a safe dance experience and neither HVT or it’s teachers are responsible or liable for any injury/accident that may occur.

Media Consent

Students at HVT Studio of Performing Arts may be photographed or filmed and these photo’s may be used for promotion purposes in newspapers, magazines, webpage’s and social media. If you don not wish for the students photo or footage to be used then please advise below;
Do you give permission?(Required)
IF YOU ARE VIEWING CLASS THROUGH OUR VIEWING WINDOWS OR IN THE ROOM, RECORDING FROM MOBILE PHONES OR ANY OTHER PHOTOGRAPY IS STRICLY PROHIBITED. Unless a person has been given written permission from the Dance studio principal to do so, including the written permission from the teacher who originally choreographed the work, no choreographed works may be posted on social media.

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