At HVT your child will be guided and nurtured by our expert staff through the various stages in their dance training. Our aim is to help children find their gifts, find what makes them come alive and find where they excel. Through our programs at HVT we endeavour to discover your child’s potential and help them to shine in a warm, family environment.

At HVT parents never miss a moment of their child’s dance class. We offer viewing windows to watch every class and also CCTV in our parent waiting area allowing you to never miss a moment.

As a parent, all we ever want for our children is to be the best possible version of themselves. The feeling received from witnessing your child win a race or a competition is something of pride and jubilation. As a teacher being able to offer a parent this feeling is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. To teach a student to progress from a pre schooler to reach a professional level is something that we cherish.

Sometimes as a parent it’s heart breaking how difficult it can be when your child doesn’t have an obvious talent and when they don’t have something to make them feel special. You feel like you would do anything to give your child the confidence to succeed and to be admired by their peers.

At HVT Studio of Performing Arts, we believe that every child can be taught to shine. By introducing them to a variety of styles we can see their talent emerge and help them to realise their full potential.

We can guide your child towards attempting annual Tap & Ballet exams in which HVT has achieved an extremely successful pass rate. After many years of dance training these exams give children a sense of achievement and enable them to have proof of their years of dedication. By participating in eisteddfods children can become champions in their age category and be part of a performance team. Children love dancing as part of a team and feel a great deal of self worth and happiness for their fellow troupe members when they succeed. With this solid training they can potentially become professional dancers or even gain a diploma in dance teaching which opens doors for future employment in the entertainment industry. HVT’s network of connections in the industry to name a few include the Australian Ballet School, various cruise companies and other international & national performance organisations and agents who assist dedicated performers to realise their dreams.

At HVT we offer 20 dance scholarships each year to students who have shown exceptional ability & progress during the year. These financial incentives are awarded during the annual concert and entitle the winner to a reduction in the following years tuition fees. There are scholarships awarded to each class level and each style. Students are rewarded for their hard work during the year with a trophy presented at our end of year concert along with Most Improved and Encouragement awards.

We understand the needs of busy families today so we cater our classes for each age group on the one day! For those also wanting weekend classes we offer a variety of classes on Saturday mornings. Parents are welcome to relax in our comfortable foyer & view their child’s progress through our viewing windows at our East Maitland studio whilst classes are in progress or may choose to return at the completion of the class.

At HVT you can be guaranteed our classes have age appropriate music, costumes and dance styles. Classes start for children 3 years of age and continue right up to adult classes. We have a huge variety of adult classes to suit all ages and capabilities. You might like to take on a Ballet class or Tap class be it beginner or for an experienced dancer or try Burlesque to tackle more modern styles and music.

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